About Us

First Floor of Our Factory

Here we have totally 110 Jacquard looms
FABRIC FOR NECKTIE JACQUARD MACHINES: 40 sets for the necktie jacquard fabric machines in width 210Cm,  warp density 114picks, elctricty jacquard looms 1200 needle, it can make repeat pattern 10.5cm, this machine is spcially only for our Jacquard necktie fabric. maxim color ways 8.

FABRIC FOR JACQUARD BRUSHED  SCARFS: 30 sets jarquard looms for jacquard brushed winter scarf in width 228cm,   the warp density is 22picks,  elctricity jacquard looms 1680 needle, maxim repeat pattern 76cm,  finished scarfs width after brush and wash, the width will be arround 30cm, and 65cm,  lenth has no limitations. maxim color ways 6.

FABRIC FOR CLOTHING FABRIC: 40 sets jarquard looms specially  for jacquard clothing fabric, warp density 66picks, electricy jacquard looms 5280 needle, it can make repeat pattern 80cm, machine width 320cm, fabric width 160cm, it cut if half automaticly.  maxim color  ways are 18colors.  this is specially for fashion clothing fabric, it can transfer printing pattern into jacquard, it makes the desings more three-dimensional.

Second Floor of Our Factory

Walk into our second floor, here we have our wearhouse for the ready fabric, and the inventory of the men's scarfs, we keep freshing our men's scarf in stock to satified with the custom who can not order our min. And another half the building of the second floor are our digital prinitng workshop, We have 6 sets of digital prinitng machines, and 3 of them are double side digital printing machines, the double side digital printing are different from traditional digital printing,  traditional printing machines only printing one side, and fabric is on the Belt guide,  double side digital prinitng machines have 2 Printhead at both side of fabric, and printing the fabric at same time on the face and back side, it can make same designs with same color, as well as same deisgns with different colors, also we can make different pattern on both side, but it need more heavy fabric, and high requriment for both side designs.


Third Floor of Our Factory

Third floor if our necktie and scarf stiching workshop, all the finished ties and scarfs are done here. totally there are 80 workers.



Mr Zhang has been working in our factory at 2006, from the day our factory is established. He's dedicated his entire adult life to be a cutter, he is happy to work in our factory, he is very professional and responsible to his  work.



When you ask Ms Li why you stay at Shengzhou First so many years, she will tell you that she love to work in the ShengZhou, First it is because on time payment and stable orders. Even during the coronavirus, factory has no  work, Shengzhou First is not doing like another factory to layoffs, still keep to pay them even there are no work. But finally we get through the tough time.



Brand label stiched by machines, it make the brand lable strong on the ties.


Liba Machine for Middle Line Stiching

This is a second-hand fence machine we imported from Italy. It looks old, but the efficiency is very high. The middle seam is relatively firm and will not be opened.


Bar stiching

This is the process of making the bar tag. All the ties are made by hand to ensure that the tie will not come off the thread.


Brand Laber Stiching

Brand label stiched by  machines, it make the brand lable strong on the ties.

Forth Floor of Our Factory, Packing Room


Put the Tie into Polybag


Needle Checking


Packing Bowtie Into Box

Designing Room