Brushed Scarf

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Brushed Winter Scarfs

Size: 30cm*180cm

Material: 62% viscose, 38% polyester

Characteristic: soft, close to the skin, It doesn’t prick your neck like a wool scarf

MOQ: 100 piece/color with custom designs

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Here we do not have very advanced weaving machines like we have for clothing and necktie weaving machines , but it is 100% weaving machine made in china , for scarf weaving , it need very slow speed , can not as fast as the necktie and clothing fabric weaving machines,  because the yarn spining account is low , the yarn is not strong  , it is soft yarn .  the machine warp density is 22s ,  weft density 36s , 1680 needle ,



Jacquard Scarf Text Edition

this is first of step of making the jacquard brush winter scarfs , we need to make text edition designs into our jacquard looms ,  best result of the scarf is keep 2 colors in weft directions , and you can have 6 colors in warp way .

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second step of jacquard brushed scarfs  .  weaving the fabric with the  designs the custom requested

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fabric checking before brush

third step of jacquard brushed scarf ,  it is very important to checking the fabric before brushing , defective fabric can be repaired before brushing .

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fourth step of jacquard brushing scarf

The process of brushing is also very important.
The feel and look of the scarf has a lot to do with the quality of the brushing.
If the brushing is purely for the pursuit of benefits,
use a very strong first gear and finish it twice,
the hair will be rough and not enough.
Delicate, our scarves are generally pulled 6 times,
using a very soft first gear, the hair will be more delicate, and it is not easy to lose hair

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fifth step of making scarf

all the scarfs cutted by hand with cutting line ,

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most professional worker to do  the last step of the scarfs , stiching ,

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inspection and ironing .

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