Historical development of scarves

In ancient times, our ancient human ancestors used winning animal skins as rewards to those worthy of recognition. That is to say, the initial appearance of the scarf is not only for the physical needs of keeping warm, but a kind of spiritual comfort and encouragement.

Modern scarves are textiles for protection against cold, dust, and decoration, such as collars, shawls, and covering the head. Use cotton, silk, wool and chemical fibers as raw materials. There are three processing methods: organic weaving, knitting and hand-knitting. According to the shape of the fabric, it is divided into two types: square scarf and long scarf. Cut the square scarf diagonally, and then sew it into a triangle scarf. They are available in plain color, color grid and printing. In order to make the hand feel soft, clear stripes, firm and durable, most of the woven squares are made of plain weave, twill weave or satin weave. The warp and weft of silk square scarf are usually 20-22 denier mulberry silk or chemical fiber, mainly white weaving, and the material is refined, dyed or printed. The texture is light and transparent, the hand feels soft and smooth, and the weight is between 10 and 70 g/m2. Square scarves suitable for spring and autumn seasons include satin grid, crepe de chine, and twill silk. The long scarf has tassels at both ends. There are weaving tassels, loading tassels and twisting tassels. Fabric weaves include plain weave, twill weave, honeycomb and heavy warp weaves. Both woven and knitted scarves have napped scarves, which are made by napping the blanks with a steel wire raising machine or a thorn-fruit raising machine. The surface has short and dense hairs and a thick hand, which improves the warmth retention of the fabric. Wool scarves can also use the felting process to achieve the effect of plump and tight texture. Most of the warp and weft of silk long scarves use 20/22 denier mulberry silk or 120 denier bright rayon, and the weft yarn is usually a strong twisted thread. The materials have been dyed, printed, or painted, embroidered, etc., with realistic flower patterns as the main material. The silk surface has soft luster, smooth hand feeling, and colorful designs.

With the development of society and the increase of population, people's demand for scarves is increasing, and the processing of scarves is also very delicate. Even if they are wearing real animal skins, animal skins have undergone many processing procedures, and people will no longer feel the blood of the beast itself. The development of human civilization does not allow us to hunt beasts anymore. They are no longer the object of human conquest, but the object of our protection. The animal print scarf that fashion people like to wear is no longer a real fur. They have evolved into very soft materials such as silk and cashmere. The animal pattern is just a form, and only a pattern of the animal pattern is printed on it. A good combination of the style of the scarf and the clothing will give people a very fashionable feeling. Such as leopard print, zebra print, and snake print scarf.

Post time: Jan-05-2022