The rule of choosing silk scarf according to face shape

When people choose a silk scarf, the first thing to do is to put it close to the face and see if it matches the color of the face. When wearing it, people should also pay attention to whether it matches the face shape so that it will have a better effect when worn.

Round face: For people with a plump face, if you want to make the contour of the face look fresher and thinner, try to stretch the sagging part of the silk scarf as much as possible, emphasizing the vertical sense, and pay attention to maintaining the integrity of the vertical lines from head to toe , Try not to disconnect halfway. When tying flower knots, it is best to choose those tie methods that suit your personal dress style, such as diamond knots, rhombus flowers, roses, heart-shaped knots, cross knots, etc. Avoid overlapping knots on the neck, excessively horizontal and layered knots.

Long face: The horizontal ties spread out from left to right can show the hazy and elegant feeling of the collar and weaken the long face of the long face. Such as lily knots, necklace knots, double-ended knots, etc., in addition, you can twist the silk scarf into a thicker stick shape and tie it into a bow shape. There is a sense of haziness.

Inverted triangle face: People with an inverted triangle face often give a harsh impression and a feeling of monotony on the face. At this time, the silk scarf can be used to make the neck full of layers, and a luxurious tie style will have a good effect. Such as rosettes with leaves, necklace knots, blue-and-white knots, etc. Remember to reduce the number of times the scarf is surrounded. The sagging triangle should be spread out as naturally as possible, avoid too tight, and pay attention to the horizontal layering of the flower knot.

Square face: Square face tends to give people a feeling of lack of femininity. When tying a silk scarf, try to make the neck area clean and tidy, and make some layered knots on the chest. Coupled with a top with simple lines, it demonstrates a noble temperament. The silk scarf pattern can choose basic flower, nine-character knot, long scarf rosette, etc.

Fold a large and gorgeous square scarf diagonally, put it flat on the chest and wrap it around the back, tie a knot loosely at the tail, and carefully organize the shape you need. It should be noted that the silk scarf hanging in front of the chest should be tight enough to reach the best state of inserting into the palm of one hand. The color should not be overly bright, and the fabric and texture should be soft and fluffy. This style can be paired with solid-color wool sweaters and slim trousers. Without complicated jewelry, it will present an elegant and charming feminine atmosphere to everyone.

Applicable occasions: formal dinners and large-scale cocktail parties.

Post time: Jan-05-2022