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Material: 100% silk, 100% cotton, 100% wool, 30% silk/70%wool

Size: customized

Sugessted size: 20.8X20.8, 25.6″X25.6″, 34.6″X34.6″, 43.3″X43.3″  53″X53″

Moq: 50piece/color availibe with custom designs

Printing mothed: double side digital printing, traditional single side digital printing

Hemming: hand rolling, machine stiching

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Silk scarf
Women’s clothing accessories around the neck, used to match clothing, play a decorative role.
It is said that about before the Middle Ages, modern silk scarves began in northern Europe or northern France. At first it only played the role of resisting the cold, until the middle of the 16th century, with the continuous change of materials, it developed into an accessory with decorative functions.
1. Conventional style Fold the diagonal line into a right-angled triangle, then tie the hypotenuse forward and the right angle backward, and tie the two bottom corners around the neck. This is the most common tie method.
2. Masked style: Fold the square scarf into a triangle or rectangle, tie it flat on the bridge of the nose, and tie it at the back, so that the nose, mouth and face are covered, and only the eyes are exposed, so that you can act as a chivalrous person.
3. The tight hoop wraps the head from the front of the forehead to the back of the head, above the auricle, and folds the edge of the excess scarf back into the back of the head, which will form a self-made small hat, which belongs to the eccentric type.
4. The scarf style ties the whole square into a line and ties it around the neck. You can tie a button on the front, or you can put it directly inside the coat without buttons to keep you warm. If it is a high-end square towel, it can also be Embody noble temperament and taste.

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